Back in the day, when I learned the craft of copy-editing and proof-reading as the assistant editor of Trends in Ecology and Metabolism (don’t ask), computers seemed fairly novel in the workplace. Armed with a red and a green pen, I’d mark up manuscripts by hand, scribbling in the generous margins of A3 proofs. Nobody edits like this nowadays, but the obsession over house style and detail left a lasting impression.

For almost a decade, I was the editor of Endeavour, a quarterly magazine written by historians of science for historians of science. It was a role in which I attended conferences, rubbed shoulders with academics and helped take their writing in a more popular, narrative-driven direction.

In 2007, I also became the editor of Galapagos Matters, the members’ magazine of the Galapagos Conservation Trust. Over the years, I have planned, commissioned and edited hundreds of articles for the magazine promoting the important work of this small charity in these celebrated islands.

If you have an essay, article, chapter or book that you want transformed so your words will speak clearly to your audience, please make contact.