My book is on Amazon. This is all very exciting, except that I haven’t yet finished it. On paper, I still have a lot to wrap up – one whole chapter, two half chapters and several bits of tinkering – and I am supposed to have the first complete draft with my publisher Profile Books this time next week. This, quite evidently, isn’t going to happen but I’m not actually that far off. I spoke to my contact at Profile on Friday and she has given me an extra week, which should just about do it. I had a great day on Friday, getting down 3000 good words, added a further 600 on Saturday morning and put together a very important 1000 words today. It is very exciting to see it all coming together.

This is the product description on Amazon:

In a most original book, science writer Henry Nicholls uses the rich and curious story of the panda from its ‘discovery’ 150 years ago in the highlands of China to its present international status as endearing icon of the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF – fifty years old in 2011) and shy darling of the world’s zoos to do several things – to chart the emergence of modern China onto the global stage; to examine our changing attitude to the natural world; and to offer a compelling history of the conservation movement.

The product details say that it’s still going to be published on 30 September. You can preorder now, though as yet there doesn’t appear to be a discount for doing so. You can even preorder the paperback, down to be released on 13 October 2011.

On Amazon!