I have post-publication depression. I put so much effort into growing my book The Way of the Panda, nurturing it into existence and now it’s out, I feel a little lost.

I want to write another book because it is so much fun. The research, the thinking and the writing gives the kind of creative reward that news and features do not. Waiting for reviews to appear – particularly the first few – is quite nauseating, but if they are good (as, thankfully, they have been for TWOTP) then the relief is a great boost. The marketing – the spin-off articles, interviews and talks or lectures – is strangely enjoyable too. It just feels a little like the whole panda ride is already coming to an end.

In order to try to banish my panda blues, I have decided to move on and incubate my next book. The proposal is with my agent right now. I am also working on two other ideas. More soon…

Post-publication depression